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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a work in progress

I love the latest Literary Reflections essay, up now at Literary Mama. "A Work in Progress" is about learning to balance motherhood and writing, and about the author's realization that becoming a mother did not squelch her need/desire to write. Jennifer Itell is lovely. She teaches creative writing at the University of Denver and is at work on a series of short stories about motherhood. Check out "A Work in Progress."


Alex said...

Thanks for introducing my to Literary Mama! And yes, motherhood may have HEIGHTENED my need to write. (But not really given me enough reasonable time for it ;)

Alexis said...

Loved that essay. Related to that essay. Decided to increase writing efforts after reading that essay.
Many thanks xx

Kaethe said...

Great essay! Thanks for posting, Kate. It's so nice to read an essay at a moment when you feel in exactly the same place as the author. It feels like therapy. But more aesthetically pleasing. :)

kate hopper said...

Alex, I'm so glad you know about Literary Mama now! It's such a wonderful site!

Alexis, write away!

Kaethe, I love this: "It feels like therapy. But more aesthetically pleasing."