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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

what happens

when your lovely change of scene gets buried under 19 inches of snow?

  • You stare out the window for hours cursing at the snow that will not stop falling.
  • You become very crabby.
  • Finally, you decide the only way to not go crazy is to actually go out into the blizzard.
  • You try to pull your daughter down the hill to the lake in a sled, but the snow is so deep that sledding is impossible.
  • You sink to above your knees and fall face-first into the drifts. (Your daughter does the same.)
  • Your hair (and your daughter's hair) become matted with snowballs.
  • You throw up your hands and go back inside for hot chocolate.
  • You call a neighbor to plow out the car.
  • You make your four-year-old help you dig sand from the beach and sprinkle it on the driveway so that after two days inside, you can finally escape to town.

So much for spring.

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