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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Knopf poetry and Sharon Olds

As you all know, it's National Poetry Month. And I hope you all know that Knopf will e-mail you one poem every day for the whole month! Yesterday, what was sitting in my inbox? The wonderful "Looking At Them Asleep" by Sharon Olds. So perfect for me right now.

It ends:

oh my Lord how I know
these two. When love comes to me and says
What do you know, I say This girl, this boy.

Read it here.

She got me, again.


kyra said...

i love that sharon olds. i've been thinking of posting one of her poems that's been very much on my mind recently. and then it was read at a weekly writing workshop and the following week, i heard sharon read it herself.

Ines said...

Oh! what a wonderful experience to get to hear Sharon Olds read one of her poems! For me it is as magical as hearing live music...(for instance Yo-yo Ma).
Thank you, Kate for posting about opportunity to have access to poetry so easily of course I have books but they are at home...
And, I hope you are feeling better...

kate said...

Kyra, lucky duck!

Ines, you're welcome!