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Thursday, August 11, 2011

a blur

How can it almost be the middle of August already? Summers always go too fast, but this summer has been a blur.

I drove up to St. Cloud yesterday to present to the Forum of Executive Women about writing, publishing and motherhood, and it was such a wonderful event. What an interesting and organized group of women. And I was relieved that I didn’t need to fly from the podium to find a restroom in the middle of my talk. (TMI: I’ve been struggling to get over the stomach flu, which laid me—and poor Stella—out while we were up north at my mom’s cabin over the weekend and hit D Tuesday night. It ran through Stella’s system very quickly, but it’s still hanging on to me, unsettling me.)

Aside from the flu, I’ve been busy with the girls and presentation prep and some freelance work and some tweaking of Use Your Words. But I haven’t done much new writing this summer, which always makes me feel a little disoriented. I’m hoping that as soon as school starts again, I can carve out a better schedule for my creative work.

I’m also looking forward to my upcoming fall Mother Words class at the Loft, which will meet Tuesday mornings, 10 – noon, for ten weeks, starting September 27. And then of course the 5th Annual Mother Words reading at the Loft on Thursday, October 13th, featuring authors Jill Christman and Sonya Huber. Mark your calendars! It’s going to be a wonderful event.

So there is much to look forward to this fall, as there always is. But I wish I could somehow slow down these last weeks of summer. Or is it that I need to somehow slow myself down?


Andrea said...

I can't believe how fast summer has gone by--it feels like it hasn't even started for me and already this morning I wore a jacket because it was cold out. I hate this time of just sucks the life out of me to contemplate another cold, dark, dreary winter. (Whoa, sorry to be such a killjoy!)

Sara said...

I have a similar feeling every August. I'd like to figure out how to slow myself down. If I could figure out a way to get rid of work and laundry, I might almost have enough time to take care of the garden and pickle and jam to my heart's content, which is what I want to be most doing these days. I usually find September usually brings a new energy with it—maybe the cooler weather, maybe a sense of a new start (stuck in the school cycle).

Amber said...

Calendar is marked for Mother Words reading!

I'm in a similar writing (or rather non-writing) situation. Just been trying to enjoy the moment and jot down little pieces here and there when I can.