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Monday, October 4, 2010

mother words week at cribsheet!

I'm thrilled to announce that it's Mother Words Week over at the StarTribune's Cribsheet blog. I know many of you are regular readers of Cribsheet. If you're not, you should be -- May and Kay are fabulous!

This year's Mother Words week features essays from my online Mother Words students, and it's being kicked off with a lovely piece by Cecilia, who writes the wonderful blog, Only You.

Please check out Cribsheet each day this week for a new essay. And congratulations to my wonderful students!


Cecilia said...

Thank you, Kate!!

The Empress said...

I look forward to reading from these talented women.

I also want to know more about your online writing classes.

I'll hop around, and what an exciting venture you have here.

Thank you for the extra work , for all women writers, finding their voice.