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Saturday, February 20, 2010


My mind has been buzzing these last days with thoughts about form and function in creative nonfiction, memoir as discovery, and the role writing plays in memory revision. Both of my classes are underway now, and I'm loving them. My students are so smart and engaged.

I realized this week that I love teaching two classes at once because often the ideas being mulled over by students in one class speak to the ideas being mulled over by the students in the other class. How cool is that? The constant back-and-forth keeps me thinking and making connections. Add to that the prep for next weekend's Mother Words Retreat, and, well, you can imagine my busy busy brain.

So today I'm simply going to leave you with this photo of the snowman Stella and I made a few weeks ago:

Sad snowman. Sad, sad snowman. (Can anyone guess what we used for the eyes?)


Elizabeth said...

That snowman has the saddest nose I've ever seen. And I'm wondering and I'm wondering whether the eyes are...poop?

Mary said...

Looks like poop to me too -- ooh those yellow "tears".

All your teaching sounds so stimulating. Hoping to catch some of your buzzing!!

kate hopper said...

Okay Elizabeth and Mary, I laughed out loud in the coffee shop when I read that you thought we used poop for the eyes. I almost wish we had!

Anonymous said...

i went to the zoo today.
your snowman...kinda looks like the owls we saw : )
super cute.

and i'm gonna go with...dates?
(but then why would you waste a good date on snowman eyes?)

melissa mcgregor said...

my first thought was POOP!
what did you use?

kate hopper said...

Dates and poop? That's all you got for me?

They were frozen blueberries. But now they're gone. I'm not sure if a bird snatched them or if they just fell out of the poor snow man's head and were buried.