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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

six unspectacular things about me

I was tagged by Ellen at A Girl’s Garden of Menopause, which I love, to list six unspectacular things about me. This won’t be difficult.

Here they are:

  1. I am almost always tired.
  2. I am newly addicted to granola bars (any size or flavor).
  3. I want to be a gardener, but I hate to weed.
  4. I finally have wireless internet at home and no longer have to pirate my neighbor’s wireless. (They cut me off, so I had no choice.) Note: I don't think they cut me off on purpose. Regardless, it had been a year, so it was time.
  5. I love Neil Diamond, especially the really old stuff.
  6. It’s difficult for me to listen to music and think at the same time.

Meme Terms & Conditions
1. Link the person who tagged you
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3. List 6 unspectacular things about you
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Ellen said...

Would it have killed your neighbors to keep their wireless open? I mean, it doesn't make a bit of difference to their online experience. If someone can hear my radio, I don't enjoy the music any less.

People. Hmph.

Lisa said...

Yeah! That does seem awfully grinchy. Of course it's hard to believe so many people still have wireless networks that are unencrypted -- not to keep you from getting on but to keep you from getting in -- but they do and I've hopped on a few by happy accident myself :)

kate hopper said...

Ooooo, I should clarify about my neighbors--they are actually super generous, sweet people, and they kept me unblocked for, um, a year. It was time, and I'm not even sure they intentionally booted me. Even if they did, I needed a little kick to get me to take the time to set up wireless in my own house. I should clarify this in the actual post so I don't make them sound grinchy.

Ines said...

Kate, we are similar regarding Neil Diamond, being tire ALL the time (and I am not breastfeeding anymore so I am looking for another excuse), and adoring granola bars....but I don't regard these things are unspectacular....but actually kind of nice....

Anonymous said...

i love neil diamond too :)

Anonymous said...

i love neil diamond too :)

Melissa said...

I'm always tired too. Alwa...zzzzz... zzzz...

Rhena said...

Damn. I'll get to it....

I wish my unspectacular things about myself were as spectacular as your unspectacular things about yourself.