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Thursday, March 20, 2008

a little levity

I’m feeling much better today, and you are all right—I need to take it slow and be patient and remind myself to breathe when the drama queen (Stella, not me) begins slamming doors and hitting herself on the head as she wails about not being loved anymore. Dear child. The sunshine helps and so do friends--virtual friends with your words of wisdom and my local friends who bring me lunch and mixed CDs and send me funny e-mails. Thank you.

This came via e-mail from one such friend today, and I thought I should share:

So disgusting and yet, beautiful.

Most adults I know no longer think that sugar-covered marshmallows taste good. But really— honestly—what could be better? They are hot pink (or yellow or now purple), squishy and covered with sugar. Yum.

I once competed in a peep-eating contest (this was over a decade ago, but I was old enough to know better). Sadly, I lost, and now I have a five-peep serving limit. I’m planning on eating my fill on Sunday because my dad—bless his heart—still gets me an Easter basket.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Stale peeps -- the only way to go ;)

On a side note, a post you did some time ago turned me on to Cheryl Strayed and after finding the "Best of" collections on Amazon Marketplace and loving her work, I bought TORCH and I'm about halfway through. Thanks so much for helping me to find this fine writer.

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better but don't be too hasty to abdicate your right to burst into spontaneous tears anytime you need a catharsis. Don't discount the recovery time and how physically draining it is to heal from that c-section. We tend to minimize it, but it is exhausting.