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Friday, November 30, 2007

nora bella

Now D. and Stella and I all have colds. We’re sick and snotty and coughing—my lungs and throat feel raw—and Stella has a wicked fever. When I was awake coughing from 1:30 to 4 this morning, I seriously considered a big shot of NyQuil. (I have a will of steel, so I was able to restrain myself.)

To make this all more enjoyable, a drain pipe in our basement broke on Wednesday and we’re getting the run-around from the plumbers, so we haven’t been able to let water down the drains (imagine what my kitchen looks like, dishes piled upon dishes piled upon countertops) or shower (imagine how grungy I look and feel--or rather, don't imagine it). I’ll go to my dad’s and shower shortly, I promise.

The good news is that I’m now 26 weeks pregnant, which means the baby has an 80% chance of survival and only a 25% of a long-term disability. I saw my doc a few days ago and my blood pressure was “beautiful,” and there is no sign of swelling. I’ll see her again in two weeks and hope for the same report.

But what I really want to tell you about this morning is nora bella, a wonderful collection of hand-made clothes and gifts for babies and kids. I got my MFA with Andria, who owns nora bella, and I knew she was a talented writer, but I had no idea that she was also a rock star of an entrepreneur. You *must* check out these wonderful, crafty gifts. I know Stella would die for one of the dress-up tutus, and I might have to splurge on some fancy burp cloths and some of Andria's too-cool onesies for the new baby.

The wonderful thing about nora bella is that everything is hand-crafted by artist moms. In this age of everything-made-in-China, it’s such a relief to know who is making the stuff you buy. And it looks great. So don’t wait any longer—go buy some crafty baby and kids things at nora bella. Rock on, Andria.


Melissa said...

Yay for beautiful BP!

I love the felt cakes and cookies at nora bella! So cool.

How frustrating not to be able to run a hot steamy shower to loosen up your sinuses! So go. Take a shower. Feel better. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

My blood pressure wouldn't be beautiful under those circumstances. Hope you, your family, and your house all feel better. Great to hear that Andria's thriving.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Anonymous was Kevin. The comments now require a Google/Blogger account.


Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

I'm sorry about the cold, but thrilled about the 26 weeks and beautiful BP. We just had plumbing trouble too, and it was so stressful and frustrating - please feel free to come shower anytime. I'll even keep the boys from playing "peekaboo" with the shower curtain.
Hang in there.
(What's up with the anon commenting? I don't want a blogger account.)

moonlight ambulette said...

Oh, this could not come at a better time -- seems like suddenly everyone I know is pregnant! I can only knit so many crooked, messed-up little baby hats before people stop thinking it's cute and start wondering why I'm not getting any better... Also, great to hear news of Andria!

Mardougrrl said...

That sounds like a wonderful store!

I am sorry you all are sick, and the burst pipe, and just...everything else.

I want to buy you some (herbal) tea!

Andria said...

THANK YOU, Kate, for this awesome feature of our little store. It was more than I expected.

I'm glad things are still going well for your with the pregnancy. I love checking in on your blog, too....EVEN to read about all the writing stuff I used to think about all the time. Thanks for writing such a great blog!