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Friday, October 26, 2007

persimmon tree

I want to encourage you all to visit Persimmon Tree, a new online literary magazine by older women (their descriptor, not mine). They launched last spring with their first issue featuring fiction by Jane Lazarre and poetry by Ruth Stone. The summer issue featured ten poems by Grace Paley, and the current issue contains Eva’s Kollish’s wonderful essay, “Father,” and eleven amazing poems by Toi Derricotte.

You have to log-in to read Persimmon Tree, but it’s free, and the writing is really wonderful. (Plus, they have a very cool orange background. Who knew orange could be so classy?)

So go log-on. Now. What are you waiting for?


K said...

I really like the idea of a literary magazine which stakes out a particular territory so that it can encourage both a community of writers and a community of readers. And this doesn't reduce the audience to a demographic. I think I'm going to subscribe and I'm seldom an older woman.

kate said...

I would like to be witness to one of the seldom times you ARE an older woman, K.