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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

kudos and a contest

I've just started my fall Loft class, and it's so nice to be back "in it" again. I love the elated feeling, the "this is exactly what I want to do, what I love doing" feeling I have after a good class. But before I get too caught up in this term, I want to take a moment and recognize all the wonderful work the students in previous classes have done. Please check out Sara's essay "What this writing thing is all about (for me)" at Mamaphonic, Lucinda's essay "My Mother is Missing" at mamazine, Kara's essay "What Would Mary Do?" at Parent Wise Austin, and Patty's essay "Choosing My Words" at MOMbo. You can also check out short essays from Betsy, Lucinda, Sara, and Patty at Cribsheet. They rock, so check out their work.

Also, I want to let you know about a writing contest at MOMbo. You can win $100 in the MOMbo Zone Essay Contest. The essay question: “What’s the biggest SURPRISE you’ve experienced as a mom?” YOUR ESSAY MUST BE 600 WORDS OR LESS! I think the deadline has been extended to October 5th. Visit MOMbo for more details!

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k said...

I'm sure your students would agree that, as a teacher, you deserve some of the credit.