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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

restfulness and reflective awards

We were up north at my mom's cabin all week last week and I DIDN'T WORK AT ALL. I didn't check voice mail or e-mail or even post (obviously). I read two trashy-ish novels (I will not reveal their titles, not even if you bribe me with chocolate) and made bead necklaces with Stella and napped. I felt nauseous a couple of days, and though this was uncomfortable, it wasn't horrible. It forced me just to sit (or more accurately, lie down), and I hardly ever do this: just lie on the couch doing nothing.

But as is often the case in the aftermath of a vacation, I am now scrambling to catch up at work, and I have two freelance jobs on my plate, and well, I'm tired. There was a huge thunder storm last night and I couldn't sleep because I was convinced that the tree in our back yard would come crashing through the ceiling and smash Stella. I actually got out of bed and took Stella's sleeping noodle body downstairs with me. D., who was still awake, tried very hard not to roll his eyes, but I knew he wanted to, and that was almost as bad.

Okay, enough complaining. I'm pleased to say that I get to dole out some blogger awards. The lovely, talented Mardougrrl tagged me with a Blogger Reflection Award. I'm honored, and would tag her right back, but that would seem ass-kissy. But please check out her blog. She's thoughtful and insightful and so talented.

So now I get to pick five bloggers whom I think worthy of the Blogger Reflection Award.

This Mom: Kyra's prose is so lovely, her posts honest and true, and she has a wicked sense of humor. Sometimes I fantasize that we're the best of friends, but of course that makes me sound like a stalker.

Better Make It A Double: Emmie writes beautifully about her twins and life as a progressive parent. She is never afraid to write what she thinks. I have a great deal of respect for her.

The Little Zygote That Could: Sheri keeps it real. She has been through a lot and always writes about her life with humor and grace.

Moonlight Ambulette: Moonlight is a fiction writer of inarguable talent. Her first novel will be coming out next year, and she does wonderful book reviews on her blog. Lovely Moonlight.

Breed Em' and Weep: Jenn's blog has been around for a couple of years, but it's new to me. We actually went to college together for a bit (before I freaked out at hot-tailed it out of that small Iowa town), but I didn't know she was a mama-writer-blogger until recently. Funny and touching. Check her out.


Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

I stood in the nursery during that very same storm, waiting it out between the two cribs, watching my sleeping boys, and praying that nothing would ever hurt them. They didn't even stir. Sometimes after I have a bad day with one of them and feel disconnected, I'll pull him out of his crib in the middle of the night and rock him for a bit. My husband rolls his eyes too. Thanks for the beautiful words - I'm off to a vacation myself, but will see you at K's when I get back.

kyra said...

i am so touched! and honored to be listed among such lovely writers. thank you!

moonlight ambulette said...

wow kate, i am really honored! geez. your blog is always so thoughtful and wise that mine feels a little silly beside it... but thanks so much. it's an honor to be in such good company.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful list of blogs (I'm only familiar with Emmie and yes, she's great!).

And thanks for your kind words about mine as well. :)